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    1. ABB wins $1B order for offshore wind power connection

      ABB wins $1B order for offshore wind power connection
      ABB has won an order worth $1 billion from the Dutch-German transmission grid operator TenneT to supply a power link connecting offshore North Sea wind farms to the German mainland grid. This is the largest power transmission order in ABB’s history. It will deploy the world’s largest offshore HVDC (high-voltage direct current) system with a rating of more than 900MW, keeping electrical losses to less than 1% per converter station.
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    2. How Renewables and Storage will Replace German Nukes

      How Renewables and Storage will Replace German Nukes
      Existing energy storage options are being maximised and new battery technologies rolled-out. With more than 17,000MW of installed capacity, Germany boasts more than half the world’s operating photovoltaic solar energy panels. More than 21,000 wind turbines, most of them onshore, provide another 27,000MW, while offshore development of a further 25,000MW in the North Sea is planned by 2030. By 2050, the country expects to generate 80% of its electricity using renewable sources.
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    3. ABB Pumped Hydro Makes a Canary Island 100% Renewably Powered

      ABB Pumped Hydro Makes a Canary Island 100% Renewably Powered
      The project’s goal is to provide inhabitants with all the energy they need through a combination of wind energy, pumped water-storage power and solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems. ABB is helping to lead the project by providing technology to electrify and control the hydro-power plant and integrate energy from renewable sources into the island’s grid.
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    4. Opinion: The Alternative Energy Fallacy

      Opinion: The Alternative Energy Fallacy
      The basic premise of alternative energy is that widespread deployments of wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles will slash hydrocarbon consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and give us a cleaner, greener and healthier planet. That premise, however, is fatally flawed because our planet cannot produce enough non-ferrous industrial metals to make a meaningful difference and the prices of those metals are even more volatile than the prices of the hydrocarbons that alternative energy hopes to supplant.
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    5. UK: Wasted wind

      UK: Wasted wind
      Currently, the actual amount of electricity wasted is very small, as the grid turns off coal rather than waste wind. But as we increase the amount of wind power on the grid, the problems will increase. The government's chief scientific adviser on climate change, Professor David MacKay, says: "We will have to put in complimentary amounts of balancing services, which could be inter-connectors [with Europe], pumped storage, demand shifting or mothballed gas power stations," he says. [DELSESTO NOTE: no mention of batteries]
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