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    1. $15B Wind & Pumped Hydro Projects in Lesotho

      $15B Wind & Pumped Hydro Projects in Lesotho

      Contractor Harrison & White (Johannesburg) unveiled the Lesotho Highlands Power Project, to be comprised of 6GW of wind and 4GW of pumped hydro over the next 15 years. The projects will be built and equity provided by Harrison & White and the Lesotho government, while debt will come from several undisclosed Chinese financial institutions. The first project will be a 150MW wind farm that is slated to enter construction next year.

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    2. Alberta Study: Energy storage key for wind power producers

      Alberta Study: Energy storage key for wind power producers
      Alberta (Canada) wholesale power prices fluctuate every 10 minutes. The new study, released this week, examined generation from several wind farms and power prices during that period. It found wind farms could have increased their revenue by up to 43% if they had been able to store power and add it to the market as demand - and prices - increased. When prices were lower, they could recharge their storage.
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    3. Wind: Buy Chinese - Borrow Chinese

      Wind: Buy Chinese - Borrow Chinese
      China has taken on General Electric and Western peers that control the $70 billion wind-turbine market. With at least $15B in state-backed credit, China’s biggest windmill makers Sinovel Wind Group and Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology won their first major foreign orders in the past year. They plan to set up plants abroad, including China’s first in the U.S., easing entry into markets for delivering machines that can weigh 750 tons each.
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    4. Interview: Strategic Significance of Storage

      Energy storage, in theory at least, is a technology with enormous potential to change the way energy is transported, dispatched and consumed. Because the energy sector is dynamic and technologies evolve every bit as fast, I spoke about energy storage with Edwin F. Feo, the managing partner of USRG Renewable Finance, one of the country’s largest private equity firms for renewable energy, biofuels and cleantech infrastructure.
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    5. Overview: Wind and Solar in Agriculture

      Overview: Wind and Solar in Agriculture
      Landowners seek new energy formsSulphur Springs Country World NewsOne or more PV modules are connected to a battery for storage of electricity in order to provide power continuously for many remote applications, like solar-powered electric gates, fence chargers and building lighting. According to a USDA report, ...and more »
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    6. Summary: This Week's Wind and Solar Projects

      Summary: This Week's Wind and Solar Projects
      It’s been a good week for renewable energy in the country, with wind farms and solar projects being constructed, getting approval and being opened. Read on for news from around the US in this week’s installment of the Green Tech Regional Report to learn about the renewable energy projects that might be coming to a location near you, as well as some exciting news about a new development in electric vehicles.
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    7. Good Overview of "Post-stimulus Financing" of Renewables

      Good Overview of "Post-stimulus Financing" of Renewables
      Money is flowing worldwide for many forms of renewable energy, as the industry presses forward with dramatic growth. CleanEdge reported US$188.1 billion in global revenue for biofuels, solar and wind energy in 2010, a 35.2% surge over 2009. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) found that clean energy investment worldwide reached $243 billion in 2010, nearly double the sector investment just four years earlier. And venture capital investment for clean technology in the US rose 54% in the first quarter of 2011 compared with the same period one year earlier, in a trend led by solar energy companies, according to Ernst & Young … But will the growth continue as stimulus funding winds down?
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    8. Analysis: Sunk costs of Hydro, Nuke, Coal, & Nat Gas Suppresses Renewables & Storage

      Analysis: Sunk costs of Hydro, Nuke, Coal, & Nat Gas Suppresses Renewables & Storage
      The increased cost comes from curtailment of renewable generation that occurs because thermal generators will choose to stay at a minimum level of operation even when uneconomic for them to do so at that specific time interval. That is to say the costs of turning off and turning back on are higher than the costs of operating below cost for a few hours. Because much of the electric grid is “inflexible”, this is an important area to consider for continued integration of renewables. Thus, this is one of the main reasons for consideration of storage technologies to reduce curtailment of wind and solar generation: renewables will be curtailed even before the total electrical demand becomes less than instantaneous renewable generation due to the inflexibility of the thermal power plants.
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