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    1. To Store or Not to Store: That is the Question

      To Store or Not to Store: That is the Question
      Whenever energy storage is mentioned the majority of us think batteries, however from a United States grid perspective, pumped hydro is the incumbent technology, followed by compressed air (CAES) and then the relativity new grid storage concepts of flywheels and electrochemical batteries. This order of preference is also representative of the capital cost, high to low, and the flexibility of deployment low to high—which is the fundamental driver for the growth of large format batteries on the grid. Although the largest potential benefit for storage on the grid is peak load shifting, other benefits are also realized in the form of: load firming, voltage support, frequency regulation, ramp management, community storage and security of the grid.
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    2. ABB Pumped Hydro Makes a Canary Island 100% Renewably Powered

      ABB Pumped Hydro Makes a Canary Island 100% Renewably Powered
      The project’s goal is to provide inhabitants with all the energy they need through a combination of wind energy, pumped water-storage power and solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems. ABB is helping to lead the project by providing technology to electrify and control the hydro-power plant and integrate energy from renewable sources into the island’s grid.
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    3. PG&E Grid-Scale Storage Demo Projects

      PG&E Grid-Scale Storage Demo Projects
      PG&E does have another pumped hydro site in development, Mokelumne, that's potentially the same size as Helms and has the potential to be used to help buffer the 4,500 megawatts of wind power coming in from the Tehachapi wind developments. So, PG&E understands pumped hydro. Electrochemical storage might be a different story. PG&E has two pilot projects using sodium sulfur (NaS) batteries from NGK. NGK's NaS batteries were selected because they are one of the few technologies and vendors with a performance and reliability track record. According to Thalman, the pilot can help the ISO develop the storage markets with this testbed.
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