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    1. Energy storage led clean tech investments this quarter

      Energy storage led clean tech investments this quarter
      Energy storage took the lead in clean tech deals this quarter by raising $514 million in capital across 34 deals. Some 23% of dollars invested were in energy storage, followed by 16% in solar, 10% in energy efficiency and 8% in transport … The top 5 venture capital deals in energy storage were either fuel cell or lithium ion battery companies: Bloom Energy $150 million, Boston-Power $125 million, ClearEdge Power $73.5 million, Nexeon $65.2 million and Leyden Energy $20 million.
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    2. Conference: GoingGreen 2011 - Brief Summary of Presentations

      Conference: GoingGreen 2011 - Brief Summary of Presentations
      Addressing large-scale deployments, panelists mostly agreed that energy storage will start with private enterprise and subsidized power before heading toward the more mainstream utilities. The panelists also discussed partnering with companies in other countries. China needs power, as does India, which has a fragile grid. Japan now has more utility energy storage than any country. However, Rive argued, any country that considers renewable energy will also need energy storage, though it often lags a bit.
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    3. Stanford Grants $2.2M for Renewable Energy Research

      Stanford Grants $2.2M for Renewable Energy Research
      Stanford University's Precourt Institute for Energy (PIE) and TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy are awarding eight faculty seed grants totaling more than $2.2 million for promising new research in renewable energy … "These awards will enable researchers to demonstrate 'proof of concept' and carry out much-needed early experimentation and analysis," said TomKat Center Director Stacey Bent, professor of chemical engineering.
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    4. Aquion's Manufacturing and Product Ramp Up Plans

      Aquion's Manufacturing and Product Ramp Up Plans
      Aquion is looking for about 250,000 square feet initially, with the option to lease a total of 500,000 square feet or more later on … Aquion has about 50 workers, and could employ 500 people by 2014 when it reaches commercial-scale production. They envision perhaps 1,000 workers by about 2017. … The company is manufacturing about 60 or more batteries a day …
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    5. Altair Nanotechnologies Appoints New CEO & CFO

      Altair Nanotechnologies Appoints New CEO & CFO
      Energy-storage provider Altair Nanotechnologies appointed Dr. H. Frank Gibbard as president and CEO of the company, replacing Terry Copeland, who has resigned from Altair's board of directors. Stephen B. Huang has been appointed vice president and chief financial officer (CFO), replacing John Fallini … Gibbard has more than 30 years of experience in the battery and fuel-cell businesses, having served as vice president of research, development and advanced engineering at Duracell and as CEO of fuel-cell company H Power Corp. He holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Huang is a seasoned financial executive with 18 years of experience with U.S. companies. He is experienced in the financial management of joint U.S.-Chinese companies.
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    6. New Energy Index Sinks to Two-Year Low as Global Markets Decline

      By Christopher Martin - Thu Sep 22 15:36:02 GMT 2011 The Wilderhill New Energy Global Innovation Index sank to the lowest since March 10, 2009, as global economies face slower growth and incentives for clean technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines decline. The index of 99 companies including First Solar Inc. (FSLR) and battery maker Ener1 Inc. (HEV) today sank as much as 5.5 percent to 138.17, and has dropped 35 percent
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    7. Utility Orders ZBB Batteries for Grid-Connected EV Charging Stations

      Utility Orders ZBB Batteries for Grid-Connected EV Charging Stations

      ZBB will use the system to demonstrate and promote renewable energy technologies at a major sporting venue as part of a public awareness campaign, and will have this installation serve as a template for future large, commercial customer sites across their service region for integrated PV and EV charging system requirements.

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    8. Electric-Car Battery Makers’ Capacity Will Be Double Demand

      By Alex Morales - Wed Sep 14 16:38:58 GMT 2011 Producers of electric-car batteries such as LG Chem Ltd. (051910) and Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) are building new plants at such a pace that capacity will grow to almost double automakers’ demand, a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report shows. While manufacturers will have capacity to make 35 gigawatt hours of batteries by 2013, carmakers have committed to produce as many as 839,000 plug-
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    9. AES Prefers Li-ion, Lead Acid and Flow Batteries for 400MW system bid

      AES Prefers Li-ion, Lead Acid and Flow Batteries for 400MW system bid

      AES is bidding on a 400MW battery storage system for a Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) request for new power. This project [is] an alternative to new generation on Long Island. It's a 1,600-megawatt-hour system providing operating reserve services."When we started in this business, it was unheard of to use lithium-ion," said John Zahurancik, the VP, Deployment and Operations, at AES Energy Storage. But that technology has become the go-to material. "Lithium-ion is understood and packaged," according to Zahurancik, "but we track over 100 technology companies at various levels of activity -- with a handful that we think are in the top tier." These include flow batteries, lithium-ion, and advanced lead acid batteries.

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    10. Interview about Vanadium

      Interview about Vanadium
      recently its vanadium's status as a strategic metal, and its use in vanadium redox flow batteries, have caught people's attention. Vanadium redox flow batteries are distinguished from fuel cells because the chemical reaction is reversible, meaning that they can be recharged without replacing the electroactive material. Also, the power and energy density of the batteries are independent of each other.
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    11. Australia Emerging as Smart Grid with Storage Leader

      Australia Emerging as Smart Grid with Storage Leader
      In the Smart City initiative, storage will come in the form of lithium-ion batteries. There are four small-scale trials overall, including ammonia to hydrogen/nitrogen, graphite, zinc bromine and ultrabatteries. Some of the most dynamic homegrown startups (Wizard Power, ZBB Energy, RedFlow, Ecoult) are also located at the intersection of renewables and storage.
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    12. Primus Power Full Demo of Grid-Scale 25MW Flow Battery

      Primus Power Full Demo of Grid-Scale 25MW Flow Battery

      Primus Power is building a farm of flow batteries that promise to offer 25 MW of power for up to 3 hours for the Modesto Irrigation District (Modesto, California’s utility provider). This battery farm is a full-scale demonstration system, and will store the region’s wind-generated energy as well as providing an alternative to fossil-fuel-fired generation.

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