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    1. Utilities Attitudes & Priorities: Survey by Black & Veatch

      Utilities Attitudes & Priorities: Survey by Black & Veatch
      Black & Veatch’s Strategic Directions in the Electric Utility Industry survey results have captured the changing electric utility trends in the United States for half a decade. This year’s survey once again explored traditional utility-focused questions regarding operations and regulations, in addition to asking about the timing of emerging technologies and their respective impacts on the industry.
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    2. UK: Wasted wind

      UK: Wasted wind
      Currently, the actual amount of electricity wasted is very small, as the grid turns off coal rather than waste wind. But as we increase the amount of wind power on the grid, the problems will increase. The government's chief scientific adviser on climate change, Professor David MacKay, says: "We will have to put in complimentary amounts of balancing services, which could be inter-connectors [with Europe], pumped storage, demand shifting or mothballed gas power stations," he says. [DELSESTO NOTE: no mention of batteries]
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    3. Is Sodium the Future Formula for Energy Storage?

      Is Sodium the Future Formula for Energy Storage?
      “We believe we can sell at under $300 a kilowatt-hour profitably once we are in mass manufacturing,” said Jay Whitacre, CTO of Aquion Energy … General Electric will open a 1MWh sodium metal battery plant in the U.S. next year. The batteries will get deployed for grid storage and powering locomotives next year ... Japan’s NGK has installed approximately 250 GW of sodium sulfur batteries for grid storage in Japan. Thirteen GW have been installed in the U.S.
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    4. Li-ion Battery Startup Seeo Raises $15M

      Li-ion Battery Startup Seeo Raises $15M
      Seeo has been rather quiet about its battery innovation, but we do know that the company has been developing a nano-structured lithium-polymer battery, and in particular has been working on a solid electrolyte that was developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The material, which Seeo began licensing from the lab in 2007, allows for a more stable battery with higher energy density, in contrast to the more easily flammable liquid electrolyte that can present a safety risk in some conventional lithium-ion batteries.
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    5. PG&E Grid-Scale Storage Demo Projects

      PG&E Grid-Scale Storage Demo Projects
      PG&E does have another pumped hydro site in development, Mokelumne, that's potentially the same size as Helms and has the potential to be used to help buffer the 4,500 megawatts of wind power coming in from the Tehachapi wind developments. So, PG&E understands pumped hydro. Electrochemical storage might be a different story. PG&E has two pilot projects using sodium sulfur (NaS) batteries from NGK. NGK's NaS batteries were selected because they are one of the few technologies and vendors with a performance and reliability track record. According to Thalman, the pilot can help the ISO develop the storage markets with this testbed.
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    6. Grid storage part of SolarTAC joint solar research facility

      Grid storage part of SolarTAC joint solar research facility
      The facility, which broke ground in 2009, is intended to attract companies that want to build, test and research their solar technology, advancing the technology to the marketplace. SolarTAC — or Solar Technology Acceleration Center — is a joint operation among six entities, including Xcel Energy, Abengoa Solar and SunEdison. MRIGlobal manages and operates the site.
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    7. German Nuclear Exit to Boost Storage & Renewables

      German Nuclear Exit to Boost Storage & Renewables
      PV-TechGerman Nuclear Exit to Boost Renewables, Energy Grid InvestmentsPR Newswire (press release)This will require major investments in the electricity grid and energy storage technologies. Germany is already pursuing solutions, with several model regions developing new industry standards. These activities create excellent business opportunities ...Renewable energy and smart grid projects need investment boost in GermanyEcoSeedall 11 news articles »
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    8. Altairnano to Lease New 1.8 MW Storage System

      Altairnano to Lease New 1.8 MW Storage System
      Altair Nanotechnologies announced a 3-year lease for its new ALTI-ESS Advantage 1.8 MW/ 300 kWh energy storage system. The system will be leased by Energy Storage Holdings to evaluate energy storage technology for large-scale frequency regulation projects, and is expected to be installed in late 2011. The ALTI-ESS Advantage [is] a 1.8 MW system targeted toward frequency regulation and fast-response applications demanding high power.
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    9. Cash Rich Korean Energy firms eye storage

      Cash Rich Korean Energy firms eye storage
      The top three firms, SK Innovation, GS Caltex and S-Oil, announced last month that they have found an initial target for new renewable energy: SK and GS are looking to rechargeable batteries and S-Oil, solar photovoltaics (PV) ... Observers say that refiners loaded with cash from soaring oil prices are aggressively expanding into new areas to secure mid- and long-term growth engines for the future with the recognition that the existing business model cannot ensure sustainability.
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    10. Beijing: Renewable Power & Storage Industry Outlook

      Beijing: Renewable Power & Storage Industry Outlook
      CBI’s Energy Storage 2011 - The 2nd Renewable Power Generation & Energy Storage System Industry Outlook will take place on September 8-9, 2011 in Beijing, China. This year’s event will continue to demonstrate a high-level industry summit, thus to gather more equipped utility and renewable generation executives with insights into leading edge storage technologies and China’s demand for energy storage. Analysis will show the investment opportunities and preparation for upcoming storage projects in the future.
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    11. Nat Gas vs Batteries for grid renewable sources

      Nat Gas vs Batteries for grid renewable sources
      Grid storage via batteries could smooth out the variability of solar and wind’s [intermittencies, but providing 400 megawatts to meet California's projected needs] would be cost prohibitive. The real answer to improve alternative use and reduce greenhouse gases lies [with] natural gas-fired plants … GE just announced a $500M+, 510MW combined-cycle power plant … [with 61%] fuel efficiency, and can ramp up [its] output at over 50MW per minute.
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