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    1. Nat Gas vs Batteries for grid renewable sources

      Nat Gas vs Batteries for grid renewable sources
      Grid storage via batteries could smooth out the variability of solar and wind’s [intermittencies, but providing 400 megawatts to meet California's projected needs] would be cost prohibitive. The real answer to improve alternative use and reduce greenhouse gases lies [with] natural gas-fired plants … GE just announced a $500M+, 510MW combined-cycle power plant … [with 61%] fuel efficiency, and can ramp up [its] output at over 50MW per minute.
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    2. Electricity Storage Association 21st Annual Meeting

      Electricity Storage Association 21st Annual Meeting
      The Electricity Storage Association (ESA) announced that its 21st Annual Meeting, June 6-8, 2011 at the Fairmont San Jose in San Jose, CA, will be the definitive industry event on electricity storage. The Annual Meeting will have 50 presentations and 2 workshops over the three days featuring the electricity storage technologies and applications from industry leaders and leading innovators. The over 400 attendees will have the opportunity to network with the industry's thought leaders.
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    3. PG&E Sinks Wave Power

      PG&E Sinks Wave Power
      California utility PG&E is finally giving up on wave power ... essentially it has abandoned all wave power projects it had been researching, including pilot projects and permits for three areas along the California coast ... According to research done by Black and Veatch last year, ocean power — both wave and tidal — have one of the highest levelized costs of energy (the cost over the life of the system) out of all the clean energy generation options.
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