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    World's largest pumped storage commercially online in Guangdong Upcoming Energy Storage Industry Events Utility-scale battery storage costs decreased nearly 70% between 2015 and 2018 UTILITIES: NextEra announces record renewables, world's largest battery FERC landmark DER rule leaves open questions on grid operator implementation Executives Tout Storage as Key for Distributed Generation Funding the Next Generation of Efficient, Electric, Grid-Interactive Communities AES begins work on 560MWh ‘largest battery system in Latin America’ for solar and wind in Chile Southern California water district to optimize four solar installations by adding battery storage Fluence acquires Advanced Microgrid Solutions’ artificial intelligence-driven software and digital intelligence platform To batteries and beyond: Lithium-ion dominates utility storage; could competing chemistries change that? NYPA, Environmental Justice Groups to Work Together on Peaker Plant Replacements
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