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    World's largest pumped storage commercially online in Guangdong Tennessee power group takes tentative first step towards planned 5GW of energy storage New York’s first community solar-plus-storage plant to lower participants’ electricity rates 10% How New York is Changing the Energy Storage Play in US Competitive Markets FERC’s new DER rule to pry open big opportunities for solar, storage Viking Cold Solutions Announces Launch of Xcel Energy’s Custom Thermal Storage Incentive Program FERC approves final rule enabling DERs to compete in regional electric markets Latest FERC ruling a ‘victory for grid reliability’ Outspoken PURA chair aims to help CT in ‘delivering value for what we are paying’ utilities FERC Order Backs Grid Market for DERs 'Game-Changer' FERC Order Opens Up Wholesale Grid Markets to Distributed Energy Resources FERC adopts big utilities’ narrative in PURPA ruling
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