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    Boeing's Huge Solar Array at SC Dreamliner Facility North Sea Rocks Could Act as Large-Scale Underwater Renewable Energy Stores, Study Finds Venture Capital Investors Plowed $2.8 Billion into Battery Storage, Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency Companies in 2018 Costs Continue to Decline for Residential and Commercial Photovoltaics in 2018 El Paso Electric Taps 100MW of Storage to Supply West Texas Summer Peaks 'Unlayering' Peak Demand Could Accelerate Energy Storage Adoption Invenergy Begins Operation of Utility-Scale Energy Storage System Puget Sound Energy Selects Sunverge for Grid-Scale Solar+Storage Demonstration Solar + Storage Half The Cost Of Gas Peaker Plants — 8MinuteEnergy Amid Global Battery Boom, 2019 Marks New Era for Energy Storage Grid-Scale Energy Storage Firm to Launch Two US Projects in 2019 S&T Powers High-Tech, Living Laboratory with New Microgrids to Study Advanced Lead Battery Technologies
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