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    1. Shunfeng Buys Into U.S. Storage Group

      Shunfeng Buys Into U.S. Storage Group

      China-based Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Ltd said today it had agreed to buy a 30% stake in US energy storage technology firm Powin Energy Corp for USD 25 million (EUR 18.7m). The solar photovoltaic (PV) products maker has signed the deal through fully-owned unit SF Suntech Inc. The subsidiary has also received a two-year option to acquire an additional 30% interest in the US company for a further USD 37.5 million. The initial transaction will give SF Suntech four seats on Powin Energy’s board.

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    2. Wind and hydro to flourish, solar to languish, but fossils maintain grip, says EIA

      Wind and hydro to flourish, solar to languish, but fossils maintain grip, says EIA
      Wind and hydropower will dominate growth in clean-power production over the next 25 years, but still face a future in the shadow of fossil according to the US Energy Information Administration. The EIA expects hydro to account for 55% of the growth and wind 27%, roughly in line with its previous predictions, but is more dismissive than many other analysts of the role of other renewable generation sources such as solar.
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