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    1. Solar (w/ Storage) Will Move Appalachia From Coal

      Solar (w/ Storage) Will Move Appalachia From Coal
      Figure 7 shows the decrease in the consumer price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for solar energy over time. This cost includes the cost to install solar, install energy storage (beginning in 2020), maintain the solar array, and building the transmission infrastructure. While this decrease may not look like much at first glance, it’s much more desirable than the dramatic cost increases in Figure 8 if we were to stick with coal.
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    2. Opinion: The Missing Strategy for Storage

      Opinion: The Missing Strategy for Storage
      The reason that electricity is not stored in large quantities on the U.S. electricity grid today (other than 21.5 gigawatts of pumped storage hydropower) is because it is still generally less expensive to generate an electron than to store it. What is the case for government investment (either directly or through tax credits) in grid-connected energy storage technology? Why can’t the government leave development of grid-connected energy storage to the private sector alone?
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    3. Security Value of Grid Storage

      The energy security benefit of grid-connected storage largely arises from two attributes of certain storage applications. The first is the ability of energy storage, when deployed on the distribution portion of the grid, to permit the formation of local micro-grids, which can protect the grid from disruption cause by attacks and natural disasters. The second is the ability of distributed energy storage systems that use vehicle-compatible batteries to help bring down the cost of electric vehicles and reduce petroleum imports.
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