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    1. Analysts: Storage a Matter of Dollars and Sense

      Analysts: Storage a Matter of Dollars and Sense

      More developers are adding energy storage to their power generation plans as they recognize how the technology improves a project’s economics.

      Solar and wind power project developers are recognizing the financial benefits that incorporating energy storage into their projects provides. Storage has become a major part of microgrid configurations, and commercial and industrial (C&I) enterprises are discovering it can improve the cost-effectiveness of their own installations. Continuing technology advancements bode well for growth in the sector as investments in storage become more attractive.

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    2. Long Duration Meets Refrigeration: Managing Demand with Thermal Energy Storage

      Long Duration Meets Refrigeration: Managing Demand with Thermal Energy Storage

      This food supply sector, also referred to as the “cold chain,” is designated as critical infrastructure and is of vital importance—particularly during the type of public health emergency the world has faced over the past several months, and will continue to face until the pandemic is under control. Commercial and industrial (C&I) refrigerated facilities have the highest electricity demand per square foot of any industrial load. C&I refrigeration sites also consume more energy from the grid than any other usage category other than lighting. Significantly, energy often accounts for up to 70% of the total electric bill for C&I cold storage companies.


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    3. FERC Order Backs Grid Market for DERs

      FERC Order Backs Grid Market for DERs

      Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of the Energy Storage Association (ESA) and a keynote speaker at POWER’s upcoming Distributed Energy Experience virtual event Oct. 19-22, in a statement shared with POWER said, “Today is another landmark day for competition and innovation in the power sector. FERC’s Order 2222 removes regulatory barriers to aggregation of distributed resources in wholesale electricity markets, and is the next step forward for energy storage and other distributed energy resources.

      “Energy storage is increasingly located on local electric grids, in households and businesses, and is often integrated with distributed generation and controllable loads,” Speakes-Backman said. “Enabling these flexible resources to participate together as ‘virtual power plants’ in wholesale markets is a victory for enhancing grid reliability, enabling a more resilient grid, and lowering costs for consumers.”

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      Mentions: U.S. ESA FERC
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