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    1. Solar-plus-storage to provide all the daytime electric needs of nation state – pv magazine International

      Solar-plus-storage to provide all the daytime electric needs of nation state – pv magazine International

      The Republic of Nauru, like many Pacific Ocean island states relies almost entirely on diesel generators for its power. However, the government has decided raise the share of renewables in the power mix of the 21km² nation from 3% to 47% with a large-scale solar-plus-storage project. The power plant will have a solar capacity of 6 MW and 5 MW/2.5 MWh of storage. The system will be fully automated and integrated with the existing diesel system to optimize solar energy use, enable optimal battery energy storage system charging and discharging and allow optimal shut-off of the diesel engines.

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    2. Panasonic Launches New Residential Solar Battery

      Panasonic Launches New Residential Solar Battery

      Panasonic has launched a lithium-ion storage solution for residential solar installations. The company said its EverVolt storage system is available in the U.S. in AC and DC-coupled versions and boasts a storage capacity ranging from 5.7 kWh up to to 34.2 kWh. The Japanese electronics giant added the system is compatible with all kinds of PV technologies and inverters and can be tailored to homeowner needs. Panasonic said owners can monitor their systems with bespoke software and a user-friendly app.

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    3. South Sudan to Embrace Renewables

      South Sudan to Embrace Renewables

      The government of South Sudan and the South Sudan Electricity Corporation utility have launched a call for consultants to help define the nation’s renewable energy development program. The utility said consultants must have relevant professional experience, especially in development of private sector, grid-connected solar projects and associated battery storage. The winning bidder will be tasked with defining the tender mechanism for the procurement of clean energy generation capacity. The eight-year-old nation is facing an energy crisis with record low levels of access to electricity and high power prices.

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