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    Opinion: Johnson Controls Should Pursue Li-ion Grid Storage in JV with Hitachi The Biggest Event in Energy Storage Arrives in Less than Two Weeks Almost a third of solar projects in US interconnection queues are solar-plus-storage hybrids Powerhouses: nanotechnology turns bricks into batteries New Mexico’s Plan to Shut Down Coal Without Leaving People Behind Dominion reaches agreement on South Carolina renewables + storage tariff to better integrate resources Texas approves 12 GW of solar projects in seven months, yet 9 GW of battery projects languish Hybrid resources: FERC looking at America’s ‘next wave of opportunity’ for storage Storage - Sustainable Methods of Thermal Energy Storage to Bring Drastic Transformation - Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism NRStor C&I Relaunches As Aypa Power, Continues to Lead Deployment of Energy Storage and Hybrid Renewables Across North America APS says runaway thermal event caused 2019 battery explosion, outlines 4 steps to avoid a repeat IREC launches project to tackle storage interconnection challenges | Utility Dive
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