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    House Bill Would Extend the ITC to Standalone Energy Storage Systems Energy Storage Is Coming to New Jersey Solar + Storage Half The Cost Of Gas Peaker Plants — 8MinuteEnergy Amid Global Battery Boom, 2019 Marks New Era for Energy Storage Grid-Scale Energy Storage Firm to Launch Two US Projects in 2019 S&T Powers High-Tech, Living Laboratory with New Microgrids to Study Advanced Lead Battery Technologies Colorado Could Save $2.5B Through 2040 by Replacing Coal with Clean Energy: Report EPRI Awarded $6 Million From DOE for Future Grid Workforce Training Program AES Completes Record-Breaking Solar and Battery Plant on Kauai 2019 Storage Outlook: Utility Procurement will Drive Deployments, Analysts Say Study: Batteries are Coming to N.C., but How Many, How Soon Depends on Policy Volkswagen to Become a Power Supplier
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