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    RMT to construct 10 wind, and 8 solar projects in 2011 Irish State-Owned Utility ESB Buys 7MWh Stake in UK Grid Storage Socomec’s Energy Storage Solution a Finalist in the EES Awards How NYPA is Taking ‘First Mover’ Position on EVs, Energy Storage and the Digital Grid Small-Scale Solar Is Bound To Expand Rapidly After New EU Renewable Energy Deal US Army Wants Better Energy Storage, US Lab Delivers 3x Better Viridity Energy Breaks Ground on Two 20 MWh Battery Storage Projects in New Jersey EDF Renewables Signs Agreement with Alliant Energy to Advance Iowa's Renewable Energy Leadership SDG&E Approves Projects Doubling Grid-Scale Energy Storage To Enable Adoption Of More Renewables Microgrids Benefit from New Jersey's Push for More Renewables and Energy Storage Stem, Inc. Selected by Sheraton Waikiki for AI-Driven Energy Storage UK Power Reserve Partners with Global Energy Storage Provider Fluence to Deliver 60MW Battery Storage for UK Grid
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