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    RMT to construct 10 wind, and 8 solar projects in 2011 This Brand New Town Will Be 100% Powered by Solar Energy Trump's Steel Tariffs May Take a Swipe at Battery-Storage Market CEO’s Statement on Massachusetts Governor’s “Clean Peak Standard” Legislation Tesla and Fluence to Supply 55MW/80MWh of Battery Storage to Victoria, with One Solar Farm Retrofit Sunnova Enters the Residential Solar-Plus-Storage Market New Business Models May be the Next Frontier in Lower Energy Storage Costs This College Wants To Be The First 100% Renewable Campus In The U.S. ENGIE's Commercial Battery Project Drive $100k Annual Wedge into California's Water-Energy Nexus Younicos Launches Service to Rent Energy Storage Systems San Diego County Water Authority Enhances Solar With Battery Storage Saft's Spanish C&I Project, Varta's Australia Launch, 4-hr Flywheel Starts in Hawaii
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