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    1. Expansion of Clean Energy Policies Continues

      Expansion of Clean Energy Policies Continues

      A law recently enacted by the Massachusetts legislature and signed by Governor Charlie Baker will increase the use of renewable fuels to produce electricity, allow the development of more offshore wind farms, enable more technologies to qualify for energy efficiency incentives and increase the use of technologies that store electricity. It is the third clean energy law enacted in Massachusetts since 2016.

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    2. Congress Passes Two Hydropower Bills (affect pumped storage)

      Congress Passes Two Hydropower Bills (affect pumped storage)

      Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013 (“HERA”) also requires FERC to study the possibility of creating a two-year license process for closed-loop pumped storage projects at non-power dams. Similarly, it requires DOE to study the technical feasibility of retrofitting pumped storage facilities to generate renewable power intermittently within one year.

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