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    1. Energy Storage Charges Forward

      Energy Storage Charges Forward

      Use it or lose it. Few products in the world have a shorter shelf life than electricity. That's why pretty much everyone involved in the power sector — from utilities to buyers to startups to state regulators — is putting more energy than ever behind ways to extend it. That's fueling a boom in projects and investments centered on advanced battery chemistries and alternative energy storage approaches, such as hydrogen fuel cells and thermal options that use hot water or ice to conserve power. The holy grail over time is to create a network of resources that can be used in concert with solar and wind farms. The idea is to balance those intermittent renewable resources, help their production output become more predictable and make it easier to integrate distributed power plants into the grid.

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    2. 3 reasons to get charged up about energy storage

      3 reasons to get charged up about energy storage

      In the world of electricity, few topics are generating more headlines this year than energy storage. Market watcher Navigant Research figures more than 1,420 projects are under way across the power grid, with a new installation trumpeted almost every week. "Overall, the global energy storage industry is poised to continue to grow quickly over the next several years," Navigant analyst Ian McClenny noted in a recent update about the market. "With emerging infrastructure becoming increasingly integrated, dynamic and complex, flexible resources like storage will provide added value to existing and new power-generating assets."

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