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    Citizen Opposition to Wind is Growing in Key Locations Utilities are Starting to Invest in Big Batteries Instead of Building New Power Plants CEO Statement on the Minnesota Energy Storage Bill – Senate File 100 APS Plans to Add Nearly 1GW of New Battery Storage and Solar Resources by 2025 How Solar and Batteries Could Help California Manage Fire-Prevention Grid Shutdowns Institutional Investors 'See Energy Storage as Most Interesting Renewable' Option 100% Renewable Energy Needs Lots of Storage; This Polar Vortex Test Showed How Much Energy Storage Systems Can Help Calm Sea of Uncertainty Ameren Files $6.3B Grid Transformation Plan with Missouri Regulators 2018 Solar Installer Survey Reveals More than One-Third of Homeowners also Want Batteries Solar Installer Survey: 2018 Results GHP Office Realty, LLC Completes Energy Storage System at White Plains HQ with Peak Power, Inc.
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