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    Citizen Opposition to Wind is Growing in Key Locations CEO Statement on Colorado Public Utilities Commission Order on Energy Storage ESA Unveils Initial Assessment of Regional Grid Operator Compliance with FERC Order 841 EVgo Goes Plaid With New Ultra-Fast Charging Station In Baker, California UK Water Utility Makes Storage Splash Enbala to Enable World's Biggest Residential Solar-Plus-Storage Virtual Power Plant NYPA Announces $250 Million Commitment to Accelerate Flexibility of Electric Grid to Combat Climate Change Report: Smart Grid Upgrades Offer Less Risk, More Flexibility than Power Lines 5 Predictions for the Global Energy Storage Market in 2019 Daimler brings its EV plans to the table with €20 billion battery cell order As Grid Operators File FERC Order 841 Plans, Storage Foodgates Open Slowly North Carolina Panel Bullish on Energy Storage
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