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    Citizen Opposition to Wind is Growing in Key Locations Eversource Turns to Non-Wires Solution in Outage-Plagued New Hampshire Town GE Looking at Reservoir Pumps for Renewable Energy Storage CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman’s Statement on Introduction of the Better Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Act and the Promoting Grid Storage Act of 2019 Adding Giant Batteries To This Hydro Project Creates A 'Virtual Dam' With Less Environmental Impact Senators Collins, Heinrich Lead Bipartisan Group in Introducing Energy Storage Bill to Bolster Renewables, Fight Climate Change Energy Storage is Critical to Microgrid Development: Microgrid 2019 U.S. to Become World's Largest Grid-Connected Energy-Storage Market Better Energy Storage will Raise the Bar for Renewables This Casino's Microgrid Might Be the Future of Energy Hot Dam: How Hydro Storage Will Allow Uruguay To Join The 100% Renewables Club FERC Commissioners Deny Opportunity for State-by-State Opt Out of Storage Order
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