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    1. DoE offers $2B for solar thermal projects

      DoE offers $2B for solar thermal projects
      The first project is a 250 MW solar farm to be built by Abengoa Solar (Spain), and the DOE is offering the so-called Mojave Solar Project a $1.2B loan guarantee. The second project is a 250 MW solar farm, to be built by NextEra Energy in Riverside County, Calif. called the Genesis Solar Project, and the DOE is offering a $681.6 million loan guarantee for that project.
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    2. Li-ion Battery Startup Seeo Raises $15M

      Li-ion Battery Startup Seeo Raises $15M
      Seeo has been rather quiet about its battery innovation, but we do know that the company has been developing a nano-structured lithium-polymer battery, and in particular has been working on a solid electrolyte that was developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The material, which Seeo began licensing from the lab in 2007, allows for a more stable battery with higher energy density, in contrast to the more easily flammable liquid electrolyte that can present a safety risk in some conventional lithium-ion batteries.
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    3. General Compression Raises $20M for Air Compression Storage

      General Compression Raises $20M for Air Compression Storage
      There’s only a handful of compressed air energy storage projects in the world, including one in Alabama and one in Germany, but startups like General Compression are working on next-generation technology and building pilot projects and moving toward commercialization. SustainX is another company working on this technology and moving toward commercial scale projects.
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    4. PG&E Sinks Wave Power

      PG&E Sinks Wave Power
      California utility PG&E is finally giving up on wave power ... essentially it has abandoned all wave power projects it had been researching, including pilot projects and permits for three areas along the California coast ... According to research done by Black and Veatch last year, ocean power — both wave and tidal — have one of the highest levelized costs of energy (the cost over the life of the system) out of all the clean energy generation options.
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