1. India’s ‘first grid-connected community energy storage system’ inaugurated in Delhi

    India’s ‘first grid-connected community energy storage system’ inaugurated in Delhi

    A lithium-ion battery energy storage system that has been switched on in Rani Bagh, Delhi, will serve multiple applications and could pave the way for adoption of smarter energy networks based on renewable energy across India. The battery system is relatively small by the standards of some of the grid-scale systems that are starting to be deployed worldwide, but nonetheless provides valuable services to the local electricity grid and community. Described as India’s first grid-connected community energy storage system, it could also help prove the case for wider rollout of similar solutions across India, the companies behind the project have said.

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    1. This [project] will further strengthen our network and ensure reliable and quality power supply to our consumers at all times. Instead of building humungous infrastructure of transformers and electric equipment community energy storage systems can be used to meet peak demand while storing surplus power.
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