1. The race to zero: can America reach net-zero emissions by 2050?

    The race to zero: can America reach net-zero emissions by 2050?

    Getting to this point by 2050 is a key goal set by Joe Biden in the effort to stem the worsening impacts of the climate crisis, which is already turning large parts of the US west to charcoal and pushing water to lap at the doorsteps of the nation’s coastal cities. But avoiding cataclysm requires a metamorphosis unlike any other in American history in a narrowing window of time. 

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    1. In terms of the pace of change, it's unprecedented.
    2. Right now we are robbing young people of their future.
    3. The current power grid took 150 years to build.
    4. I've heard the Impossible Burger is pretty good. I've never tried one, but our analysis doesn't assume anything about changing diets or anything like that.
    5. This isn't a time for sacrifice, people have had enough of that.
    6. That's the social contract we will have to make as a country if we want to get to net zero.
    7. We risk a yellow vest moment in this country that could derail the transition.
    8. I'm not expecting everyone will come along, I'm not Pollyanna-ish.
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