1. To “Build Back Better,” Deploy Energy Storage at an Unprecedented Scale

    To “Build Back Better,” Deploy Energy Storage at an Unprecedented Scale

    By electing Joe Biden as President, Americans have sent a strong message of support for accelerating toward a clean energy economy. Investments in energy storage deployment, manufacturing and innovation are fundamental to recovering from the economic damage of COVID-19, rebuilding our infrastructure to meet 21st century demands, and decarbonizing our economy to fight climate change.

    As outlined in our 2030 Vision, at least 100 GW of energy storage is needed over the next decade to support the buildout of higher shares of wind and solar power, as well as distributed energy resources and electric vehicles. Energy storage will also be increasingly critical for frontline communities to have electric service resilient to extreme climate events, like heat waves, wildfires, storms, and hurricanes, as well as reducing our reliance on fossil-fuel power plants located in or near communities historically burdened by air pollution. And energy storage will provide this clean and resilient power while reducing peak demands on the power system, thus saving money for utilities, businesses, and homes, while serving as a foundation for a new domestic industry with a large international export market.

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