1. Clean Energy Accelerator odds increase on Biden win, US net-zero grid goal

    Clean Energy Accelerator odds increase on Biden win, US net-zero grid goal

    The Clean Energy Accelerator, as envisioned in legislation introduced earlier this year and late last year, pairs each public dollar with multiple private dollars to expand clean energy’s reach in the US.

    Earlier this year, nearly 100 organizations voiced support for the Clean Energy Jobs Fund, which included a Clean Energy Accelerator in both its House and Senate versions. Letters of support for the Accelerator came from state green banks, start-ups, clean tech investors, utilities, energy industry trade groups, including the Solar Energy Industries Association and Energy Storage Association, and several environmental organizations.

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    1. A [Clean Energy Accelerator] could be a massive stimulus for the solar industry. If you do some rough back of the envelope math that means that solar and wind are going to have to grow from a 12% market share to a 75% market share in 15 years.
    2. I see solar becoming the new king of the world's electricity markets. Based on today's policy settings, it is on track to set new records for deployment every year after 2022.
    3. The leverage piece and running through non-governmental non-profit is important, but jobs and businesses are number one [priority].
    4. As an organization, we are working furiously right now to try to engage [state and local entities] to get them ready.
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