1. Clean Energy Industries Cheer Biden’s Victory, Lay Out Hopes for Early Action

    Clean Energy Industries Cheer Biden’s Victory, Lay Out Hopes for Early Action

    Solar and wind power, energy storage and grid infrastructure groups have high hopes for a climate-friendly administration. 

    Tax incentives for energy storage could also help boost technologies needed to integrate the country’s rising share of intermittent solar and wind power. Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of the U.S. Energy Storage Association, said in a Saturday statement that the group expects “to see strong support from the new administration focused on the decarbonization of the electric and transportation sectors, which will further drive the deployment of energy storage.” 

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    1. The President-elect and his team have laid out an ambitious, comprehensive approach to energy policy that recognizes renewable energy's ability to grow America's economy and create a cleaner environment, while keeping electricity costs low and combating the threat of climate change.
    2. President-elect Biden's plan to combat climate change enables our industry to create hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs across the country.
    3. Over the longer term, we'll need to turn to an ambitious climate agenda that builds on state renewable standards with a nationwide program, provides a level playing field for clean energy in the tax code, and includes a major effort to expand and upgrade the nation's antiquated transmission infrastructure.
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