1. Connecticut Stakeholders Talk Storage, Order 2222

    Connecticut Stakeholders Talk Storage, Order 2222

    A webinar panel on Monday discussed how different energy storage technologies are coming to market in Connecticut and how FERC Order 2222 will complement Order 841.

    While it’s important to have federal policies, “the name of the game” is states setting targets, promoting incentives and including storage in their planning, Energy Storage Association CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman said.

    “Incentives are sending the signals to companies like ENGIE and Key Capture to know that it’s OK to come and open up business in the state,” she said.

    “There is a very methodical step from the regulatory perspective in including storage, and that’s why legislation is so important: It creates a bridge of incentives and targets so that businesses know that there is a path forward to make it worth investing in.”

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