1. Executives Tout Storage as Key for Distributed Generation

    Executives Tout Storage as Key for Distributed Generation

    “The market has definitely improved,” said Woody Rubin, president of AES Distributed Energy, noting a recovery in distributed energy projects is starting to take shape after the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Rubin said there have been some supply chain issues, along with labor shortages due to lockdown measures, but those are being resolved.

    Rubin echoed comments from Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of the Energy Storage Association, who provided a keynote address to wrap up the event’s first day on Monday. She talked about “the value of storage for consumers,” including how storage provides for “stacking the full value of multiple services” for electricity customers. “It’s important for reliability and resiliency,” she said, noting it improves power quality and provides many ancillary services.

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