1. Load Profiles: How different storage systems, microgrid controllers fit specific C&I sites

    Load Profiles: How different storage systems, microgrid controllers fit specific C&I sites

    Several case studies of storage installations supporting a variety of C&I solar+storage sites. Includes information on load profiles, goals of projects, and the specific solution each site chose. An example of a profile is below:

    Site: Church

    Load profile: This church in Bakersfield, Calif., is actually multiple facilities. It has two sanctuaries, a gymnasium, offices and classrooms. While certain small areas are occupied intermittently during the week, the primary activities are one Sunday service and an evening service each week. During these services, load is far higher than the rest of the week. Plus, the evening service starts just before sunset — so solar offsets almost none of the peak demand for the week. The facility had an electricity bill of around $40,000 per year — half on an energy charge, half on demand. The 100-kW solar system was sufficient to address the customer’s entire annual energy usage but did essentially nothing to address demand.

    Goal: Boost the value (and reduce the payback time) of a solar array with Extensible Energy’s DemandEx load flexibility software by reducing demand charges and shifting energy out of expensive time of use (TOU) periods.

    Solution: Software

    • 100-kW PV array
    • 16 controllable ...

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