1. US energy storage market sets Q2 record for deployments

    US energy storage market sets Q2 record for deployments

    According to Wood Mackenzie and the U.S. Energy Storage Association’s (ESA) latest ‘US Energy Storage Monitor’ report, 168 MW were deployed in Q2 2020. This is an increase of 72% quarter-over-quarter, 117% year-over-year and is the second-highest quarterly total ever seen, falling just behind Q4 2019 (186.4 MW).

    One large front-of-meter (FTM) project coming partially online in California, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total FTM MW deployed, helped to drive this level of quarterly activity. The large-scale system puts California back on the map after a quiet 2019 and, according to the report, the state is expected to remain there over the next six quarters.

    The US FTM market grew more than fourfold compared to Q1. Deployments notched their fifth-best quarterly total (89.8 MW) and the largest Q2 on record.

    Another record quarter for residential storage deployments, which increased 28% YoY, illustrates that California and Hawaii successfully kept installations progressing through coronavirus lockdowns.

    “We are encouraged by the growth the energy storage market has seen this quarter,” said Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of ESA. “Despite any setbacks from the coronavirus pandemic, the market for energy storage is poised to see significant growth in 2020. Looking ...

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