1. 'All round success' for Texas' biggest battery storage system so far | Energy Storage News

    'All round success' for Texas' biggest battery storage system so far | Energy Storage News

    The largest battery storage system online so far in the US state of Texas has been proven an “all round success” by an independent auditor, a year and a half after it went into commercial operation. The Upton County battery storage project, a 10MW / 42MWh system installed and commissioned by system integrator FlexGen is at the site of the 180MW Upton 2 solar farm owned by Vistra Energy's developer subsidiary Luminant.

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    1. As this segment of the renewables industry is still young and growing, tests like this give utilities the confidence to continue investing in a future with state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery storage.
    2. Batteries are green, reliable and becoming more and more affordable - utilities are finding they are critical companions to solar and wind systems in order to provide stability and consistent power for their rate payers.
    3. Places like Texas are promising for renewable energy, because there is plenty of solar and wind power [resource. Battery energy storage systems help stabilise the grid in order to unlock even more renewable power.
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