1. What Joe Biden's Clean Energy Platform Means for the Storage Industry

    What Joe Biden's Clean Energy Platform Means for the Storage Industry

    Decarbonized power by 2035 would drive growth in the storage market. But critical issues, including fair access to markets, remain unmentioned.

    “We’re pleased to see storage recognized at this level as essential infrastructure to transition to a clean electric power system,” said Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of the U.S. Energy Storage Association.

    ESA supports assistance for domestic storage manufacturing, Speakes-Backman said. But she cautioned that the form of that support matters, as recent history demonstrates.

    “We’ve seen from the Section 301 tariffs imposed with only several weeks’ notice in September 2019 that sudden, punitive rules regarding this focus can be detrimental, rather than supportive,” she said. “Growing a domestic storage supply chain will be most likely to succeed if it is pulled by market demand, which investment tax credits can drive.”

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