1. Building battery storage systems to meet changing market requirements

    Building battery storage systems to meet changing market requirements

    In the previous edition of PV Tech Power, we spoke to four leading developers of solar-plus-storage and standalone energy storage projects about what it takes to get projects over the line, their experiences in the field – and what sort of technologies are making their efforts possible. This time around, we’ve spoken in depth with two of the system integrator/ manufacturers that supply that segment of the energy storage market. Danny Lu, vice president at Powin Energy and Dr Zhuang Cai, R&D director at Sungrow, share their insights on what it means to build lithium-ion battery storage systems at scale.

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    1. Sungrow has focused on power electronics for more than 20 years. Our president (Can Renxian) was a university professor and saw a large potential for renewable energy.
    2. From a technical perspective, we utilised the same platform: we started with PV inverters, [in energy storage], we focus on power conversion technology (PCS). The PCS equipment evolved by the same platform as the inverters.
    3. It'sĀ not a generation unit, it is also not load consumption: it can play different roles in different applications. This is the reason we achieve a lot of applications such as frequency regulation, price arbitrage, peak shaving, and PV-plus-storage scenarios.
    4. The SFCE was really kind of our Series A funding.
    5. For example, we have the DC combiner between the batteries and also the PCS. So, inside the combiner we have the breakers and fuses inside, in case of short circuitĀ [of the] current.
    6. There's a lot of developers targeting the fast response frequency regulation market in Texas.
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