1. ABB partners with Vigor for Washington State Ferries newbuilds

    ABB partners with Vigor for Washington State Ferries newbuilds

    ABB has been selected by American shipbuilding company Vigor to provide a hybrid-electric propulsion and energy storage system for the newest additions to the Washington State Ferries fleet. The new Olympic-class ferries will have the capacity to carry 144 cars and 1,500 passengers each. The initial vessel of the series is scheduled for delivery in 2024 and will the first newbuild in Washington State Ferries’ fleet to feature hybrid-electric propulsion and a high-capacity energy storage system. The ships will be able to fully operate on battery power, with the capability to revert to hybrid mode.

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    1. This landmark project supports Washington State's goal for 2050 to reduce emissions by 57.5 per cent below the emissions level in 2019, utilising a hybrid and electric propulsion solution that is space-efficient, easy to install and flexible in operation.
    2. Moving towards a zero-emission future relies on technologies that meet the environmental and cost needs of today and offer flexibility to integrate future energy sources in the years ahead.
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