1. Rappahannock Electric Cooperative CEO Announces Retirement, Board Names Successor

    Rappahannock Electric Cooperative CEO Announces Retirement, Board Names Successor

    Today, Kent D. Farmer announced his retirement as president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of REC, effective August 1, 2020. Farmer has served as president and CEO since 2004, and has been with REC for 41 years. 

    REC’s Board of Directors also announced on June 1, the selection of John D. Hewa, REC’s current vice president of corporate services and Chief Operating Officer (COO), to succeed Farmer as president and CEO. Mr. Hewa serves as the President of ESA's Board of Directors.

    "On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce John as our next president and CEO," said Shipe. "Mr. Hewa is a highly respected and proven industry leader who delivers strong results. We have all seen evidence of that since he joined REC in 2017. We are confident that Mr. Hewa will lead our employees and our member-owned cooperative to achieve great success in the years to come."

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