1. NEC Energy Solutions to build 100 MW of storage capacity in Northern Ireland

    NEC Energy Solutions to build 100 MW of storage capacity in Northern Ireland

    The company will provide two 50 MW systems for investor the Gore Street Energy Storage Fund and project developer Low Carbon. The projects will be completed by the first quarter of 2021. NEC Energy Solutions has revealed plans to install 100 MW of energy storage capacity at two sites in Northern Ireland, backed by engineering, procurement and construction services. Under the terms of the deal, NEC will also provide its GSS end-to-end grid storage solution, as well as AEROS, its proprietary energy storage control software.

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    1. This easily beats Northern Ireland's renewable target of 40% and occurred one year ahead of its 2020 deadline.
    2. As investment in sources of volatile renewable generation to supply the grid in Ireland continues to increase – supported in particular by excellent wind generation potential – assets such as these will form a major step in advancing Ireland's climate change objectives.
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