1. What a Year! 10 Stories That Propelled Energy Storage in 2019

    What a Year! 10 Stories That Propelled Energy Storage in 2019

    More batteries installed. More markets opening up. And grid storage making itself indispensable in unanticipated ways. For too long, the rhetoric around what storage can do for the grid vastly outweighed the actual doing. This year, the industry closed that gap more than ever before.

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    1. But try convincing any other state with an argument that starts with
    2. The rehearing order in particular I think was really powerful, because FERC gave a very robust defense of competition and ensuring that [distributed] storage has a means to participate in wholesale markets.
    3. It is not theoretical; it is very real and practical that when the whole energy paradigm in New York state is fundamentally shifting over the next 10, 20, 40 years, it will require things like long-duration storage.
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