1. Renewable Energy: What Happens When The Sun Isn't Shining And The Wind Isn't Blowing

    Renewable Energy: What Happens When The Sun Isn't Shining And The Wind Isn't Blowing

    Northfield Mountain Power Station in Erving, Mass. is the old school solution to how the grid handles energy shortages, and one of the state's oldest batteries. Northfield Mountain may not be what you think of when you picture a battery. The station is located inside of the mountain and operates by pumping and releasing water between a reservoir on top of the mountain, and the Connecticut River that runs at the mountain’s base

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    1. I call this the biggest battery in New England.
    2. During a heat wave, the peak [in demand] would be sometime in the afternoon, when everybody was cranking their air conditioners. And because of all the solar, that peak has actually moved until later in the day, but it's also an operational challenge for the ISO [New England's grid operators].
    3. Our facility has been able to play a role in helping them deal with that peak shift.
    4. There's going to be a greater need for energy storage as more renewables come online, primarily because of the variable nature of the fuel that powers the wind farms and solar farms.
    5. Right now, it's really just not necessary. You really don't need energy storage for an offshore wind farm today in the United States.
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