1. Buckland Sets a Milestone for Rural Energy Capabilities with New Li-ion Battery

    Buckland Sets a Milestone for Rural Energy Capabilities with New Li-ion Battery

    A few years ago, the village of Buckland in northwest Alaska set a milestone a leader in rural renewable energy when it got two turbines and three solar panels installed. Now, the village has hit an even more ambitious target: unofficially becoming the first village to power itself entirely off of renewable energy stored in recently installed lithium-ion batteries.

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    1. It's a huge hurdle and a huge milestone for renewable energy in rural areas.
    2. Ten years ago they were thinking that high penetration of renewables into an existing grid was impossible, and here we are today, in July 24, 2019.
    3. If this was to happen back in June, when you had plenty of wind, plenty of solar, and you had plenty of time to collect more data, it would have been even better.
    4. Within 24 hours we have a system set up and ready to go.
    5. They've put a spotlight on PCE, And that spotlight's not gonna go away anymore. They're gonna be eye-balling that for a while, so it's important to start thinking about well, we need to start doing something different in case something drastic happens. Renewable energy is part of the solution.
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