1. Stacks on Value Stacks: The Large-Scale Solar Plus Storage Market Is Coming Together

    Stacks on Value Stacks: The Large-Scale Solar Plus Storage Market Is Coming Together

    The United States will grow to be the largest global market for solar + storage this year, where peaking capacity requirements are driving procurement, according to a recent IHS Markit study. Utility-scale solar + storage projects now are online or being built in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Indiana and Florida, and the list grows. In March, NextEra Energy said it would build the Florida Power and Light Manatee Energy Storage Center’s battery system, with four times the capacity of the world’s largest battery system currently in operation.

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    1. While we are early in the deployment cycle for large-scale solar + storage, we expect a ramping at the end of 2020, then an acceleration of the market with scale in 2021.
    2. Replacing a large, aging fossil fuel plant with a mega battery that's adjacent to a large solar plant is another world-first accomplishment.
    3. We have two 400 MW solar + storage plants proposed now, and going forward, 300 MW will likely be an average size.
    4. Hybrid PPA structures include route-to-market services for balancing the sale of the physical spot electricity production and may include all relevant risks and revenue streams from individual installations or multiple assets.
    5. By 2021, we will definitely blow through the $30 floor to the $27.5 to $30 range.
    6. This acquisition paves the path toward realizing the stacked-value stream potential of energy storage referred to by so many in the energy industry.
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