1. Minnesota to Consider Using Energy Storage for Peaker Plants

    Minnesota to Consider Using Energy Storage for Peaker Plants

    Gas peaker plants may be among the first casualties of a new Minnesota law requiring utilities to include energy storage as part of their long-range plans. The provision, part of an omnibus jobs and energy bill, "puts energy storage on a level playing field with natural gas plants and other resources," said Ellen Anderson, executive director of the University of Minnesota's Energy Transition Lab. "Utilities will have to acknowledge the capabilities storage can provide as an alternative to, say, a fossil fuel plant."

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    1. We see storage assets as a potential replacement for peaking assets.
    2. That's not to say we're not bullish on this; we see it as a potential resource for our members in the future.
    3. We had some legislation in Minnesota this year to do the same thing but it didn't end up in the final bill.
    4. We had strong bipartisan support for energy storage.
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