1. Tennessee Valley Authority Plans for Up to 14GW of Solar by 2038

    Tennessee Valley Authority Plans for Up to 14GW of Solar by 2038

    The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) expects to add up to 14 gigawatts of solar and 5 gigawatts of energy storage over the next 20 years, a massive new clean energy addition to its current hydropower, nuclear and coal-dominant generation mix. TVA released its draft IRP in February, and is expected to vote on the final proposal filed last week at its August board meeting in Knoxville. The long-range planning document doesn’t set any specific procurements in motion, and its various scenarios over the next 20 years don’t all predict the same high level of solar and storage penetration.

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    1. We've already seen this happen in TVA, and this is something that will push the solar scenario to the higher case.
    2. As an analyst, I'm agnostic from a political standpoint.
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