1. Eversource, UNH, Durham Plan Community Microgrid

    Eversource, UNH, Durham Plan Community Microgrid

    In order to enhance the resiliency of the local electric system and advance clean energy technologies, Eversource, the University of New Hampshire and the town have entered into a partnership to plan the development of a community microgrid. The Oyster River Clean Innovation Project will propose an interconnected system of distributed energy resources, including solar and battery technology, that will act as an island during extreme weather, ensuring that power serving the campus and critical town facilities is not interrupted.

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    1. We're proud to join our partners at the University of New Hampshire and in the town of Durham on this innovative clean energy project that will enhance reliability for the university and local customers.
    2. One of Durham's core goals is to pursue environmental sustainability and resiliency, anticipating the community's and the region's future needs by considering multiple elements including energy resources, and specifically taking into account existing and predicted impacts of climate change.
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