1. FERC Commissioners Deny Opportunity for State-by-State Opt Out of Storage Order

    FERC Commissioners Deny Opportunity for State-by-State Opt Out of Storage Order

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) voted Thursday to deny requests for rehearing of Order 841, a landmark decision seeking to provide fair market access for energy storage resources. Commissioners were nearly unanimous in voting to affirm FERC's determinations made in Order 841 regarding their authority over wholesale market sales, and to decline to adopt a state-by-state opt out of storage participation in the wholesale market.

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    1. I believe the order speaks for itself and will withstand legal scrutiny.
    2. FERC's jurisdiction despite the fact that it may have some impact on retail matters.
    3. I do understand there are operational issues to work out between transmission grid operators and distribution companies, and we will be working more on these as we move forward with the distributed energy resources part of the proceeding, which I hope we will do soon.
    4. We urge FERC to finalize a similar rule to permit aggregations of distributed energy resources to participate in wholesale markets, utilizing the same legally sound approach taken in today's order.
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