1. Fortum Pairs Li-ion Storage with Hydropower Plant in Sweden

    Fortum Pairs Li-ion Storage with Hydropower Plant in Sweden

    Fortum has started operating a 5 MW/6.2 MWh lithium-ion battery storage system at the Forshuvud hydropower plant in Dalarna, Sweden. It plans to use the storage system to lower the risk of network disturbances, while minimizing what Fortum describes as “wear and tear” on the hydropower facility. The batteries at Forshuvud will compensate for increasingly rapid changes in electricity generation caused by wind power, for example. The system will improve the hydropower plant’s role as a regulator and more effectively take advantage of capacity regulation.

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    1. This is a unique solution. It means that the supply of energy will be more secure and more sustainable.
    2. The fact that there has to be sufficient amount of well-functioning and precise regulation capacity in Nordic power system, the new batteries, will reinforce the regulation power in the Nordic power system.
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