1. Energy Storage Changes the Power Profile

    Energy Storage Changes the Power Profile

    The power grid is a pretty complex system. Electricity is generally produced on an as-needed basis. Generators ramp up and down based on demand. However, energy storage systems are beginning to change how demands are being met.

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    1. If we use the hydro capacity to store energy and to firm the production of other resources, then we are getting to power which is as-consumed power, no longer as-produced.
    2. We're at 20¢/kWh. So, that beats grid power in Hawaii, California, New York City, Massachusetts, [and] parts of Connecticut.
    3. What's happening now is storage is winning in head-to-head bids against gas in the U.S., which is a dramatic statement, because gas is so low-cost here.
    4. Arizona Public Service ran a competitive process for power plants initially. They included storage, and they ended up choosing several hundred megawatts of storage, and AES is going to build one of those.
    5. The HECO ones are about 8¢ [per kWh].
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