1. Duke, Eversource Commit to Create Energy Storage Safety Standards

    Duke, Eversource Commit to Create Energy Storage Safety Standards

    Duke Energy, Eversource and 25 other energy companies signed an energy storage corporate responsibility pledge and committed to participate in a taskforce to optimize safety standards, according to an announcement by the Energy Storage Association on Thursday. The pledge prioritizes safety for energy storage resource deployment, integration, and operation. Utilities and third-party storage developers pledged to contribute storage experts to a taskforce focused on responsible supply chain practices, potential operational hazards, end-of-life, and recycling in the industry. The ESA formally launched its corporate responsibility initiative for the industry at its annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona last week.

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    1. If you look at the trajectory of some other industries that kind of went gangbusters in growth but didn't take care of this at the early onset, there were some missteps.
    2. I think we can't do this energy storage widespread deployment without [utilities]. We can't do it without third parties either.
    3. Over the decade, we've probably piloted batteries from every manufacturer out there.
    4. I think this indicates a willingness and a fact that the entire industry, no matter what side you're coming from is interested in this issue.
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