1. Midwest Co-ops Test Value of Placing Batteries in Customers’ Homes

    Midwest Co-ops Test Value of Placing Batteries in Customers’ Homes

    Four Midwestern rural electric cooperatives are installing smart batteries in the homes of a few customers to test whether they can economically reduce peak demand or provide other benefits to customers or their systems. The co-ops came together through a professional association and pooled their purchasing power to buy the batteries, which have built-in management systems that allow them to, for example, monitor energy use.

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    1. We want to discover the pros and cons with regard to battery storage, and how it might affect our members.
    2. At night we have power plants that are idling.
    3. We want something that's going to be able to inform many projects coming behind it, so they can walk more carefully.
    4. We need to understand what are the benefits of the various energy storage technologies, whether they are utility-scale or residential.
    5. There are so many variables we want to look at.
    6. We're good at not duplicating each other's work.
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