1. Con Ed’s New Commercial Storage Demo Puts the Utility in the Driver’s Seat

    Con Ed’s New Commercial Storage Demo Puts the Utility in the Driver’s Seat

    New York utility Con Edison is testing a commercial business model where it calls the shots and the customer simply hosts the battery. This model simplifies the commercial energy storage sales process by pitching a lease for space in areas where the utility needs help, rather than the typical bill management use case, where batteries lower the power bill by predicting and neutralizing a customer's demand spikes.

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    1. We do think it is scalable, not just for us but for other utilities as well.
    2. If you're trying to align with utility needs, you're hoping their demand curve lines up with system need and is as large as system need.
    3. Instead of talking to customers about demand charges, GI can talk to them about a lease payment.
    4. We're looking at a way that we can try to widen the customer base for storage.
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