1. NYPA Initiative Targets Quicker Commercialization Path for Storage, EV Startups

    NYPA Initiative Targets Quicker Commercialization Path for Storage, EV Startups

    A new partnership led by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) will focus on finding and assisting startup businesses focused on electric vehicle and energy storage technologies, aiming to help meet the state's Green New Deal goals, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D, announced yesterday. Dubbed the "NYPA Innovation Challenge," the partnership between the utility and New York University Tandon's Urban Future Lab will launch in May with an application deadline in June and winners announced a month later. The challenge will support NYPA's $250 million EVolveNY electric vehicle adoption initiative, as well as New York's goal to add 3 GW of battery storage by 2030.

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    1. Investments in clean energy technologies are advancing our aggressive clean energy goals and resulting in economic growth across the state.
    2. This program has enormous benefits for both NYPA and the startups.
    3. Once the startups have proven the reliability and benefit of their business offerings, it can still take years to attract early customers and to build confidence in the industry.
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