1. Microgrids Restore Water Services in Remote Puerto Rico Communities

    Microgrids Restore Water Services in Remote Puerto Rico Communities

    New water and wastewater systems powered by solar plus storage microgrids are reviving life and livelihoods in remote areas of Puerto Rico still struggling to recover from 2017’s Hurricane Maria. In hard-to-reach areas of Puerto Rico where grid power has only recently been restored, six microgrid-powered pumping systems are now up and running, thanks to a partnership between South Carolina-based non-profit Water Mission and Hawaii-based energy storage company Blue Planet Energy.

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    1. The installed solar-plus-storage systems provide ongoing operational cost reductions for the communities, as well as resiliency in the event of future grid interruptions.
    2. We've received reports that in its first month of operation the solar-plus-storage system deployed in Corozal resulted in a utility-power cost reduction from approximately $1,200/month to $300/month. That represents a 75% drop in power expenses for community members.
    3. The sites we redeveloped with Water Mission blend power from multiple sources including solar arrays, energy storage, backup engine generators and the grid. If utility power is present, these systems export excess energy to the utility grid, which lowers monthly operating costs for the communities.
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